The Red Hands

She fought for breath from the red hands.

Their grip bound to her neck,

Her chest anchored

Her heart flooded with fear,

Her breathing deeper –synchronizing

Sharing the pulse in those red hands

Black poison pours

Into her mouth –bitter

Clogs in her throat

She prays,

Why can’t I breathe

Why is this happening

Just make this end soon

Her head throbbing –clouded

Thoughts block her concentration

She’s numb, silent

She pictures calm, cerulean oceans

Watching the waves unfurl

In and out of shore

Matching her breath,

Flowing smooth

Body frozen, eyes glazed

Sealed –steadying

Her breath, conflicted

She forces the tears,

Wanting, embracing them

Drowning in their warmth,

Feeling life upon her face

The unfamiliar touch

Pooled, muddy water

Streams of black streaks

Stain her marbled face

Washing away the panic,

Steadying her breath –snapped

Out of the moment, released.

She accepted this fate

Reaching for the red hands –dissolved

Into her own –like sand

Sunk in her ocean.

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Haley Jones

Haley Jones

Mental health advocate. Dabbler of poetry. Lover of food. Traveler. Cat mom. 🏳️‍🌈 @halesjales on IG/FB